For All Team Meetings 






Recurring Meetings

  • Get reminders to cover topics missed in the previous meeting

  • Automatically table topics for the next meeting

  • Never forget meeting topics that always need to be covered, easily add and switch new topics

  • Optimize prep time for recurring meetings

  • Visualize the annual cost of your recurring meeting


Remote and Partially Remote Teams

  • Gesture when experiencing technical issues without interrupting everyone in the meeting

  • Add to the conversation with things like 'great point' or 'are we off topic?' without waiting to get a word in

  • Can't see the screen for the meeting? Never miss anything with the automated outcomes report.


Co-located Team Meetings

  • Collaborate on the agenda beforehand so the whole team shares the most important stuff

  • Assign action items & due dates to teammates with reminders to follow up in the next meeting

  • Add a stakeholder to the meeting to automatically share meeting outcomes

  • Bring together remote and co-located teammates with reactions & gestures


1:1 Meetings

  • Keep 1:1 meetings on track by both attendees adding agenda items as issues pop up

  • Stay on the same page with recorded action items and decisions

  • Access meeting history to review things like OKR progress and decisions


Drive-by Meetings

  • Easily record outcomes of drive-by meetings in real-time.

  • Visualize how often drive-by meetings happen so you know what's eaten up your team's focus time.

  • Automatically share meeting outcome report with everyone who needs to be aware of drive-by decisions.