Your blueprint for building a great team.

Set clear goals.

Align your team around common goals and show everyone  how their work contributes to the greater purpose. At a glance, your team can quickly understand where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. Using the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) method, you can visualize and track progress on goals with automated pacing and confidence level updates.

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Create Accountability

We can’t eliminate meetings, but we can help you make them more effective. Record decisions and commitments, assign action items and due dates, and set automated reminders to ensure execution. Add ideas, potential solutions, or relevant considerations to the Notes section so you can understand (and remember for the future) context around key changes and updates.

Understand the makeup of your team.

Teaming brings each member’s work style together to show you a map of your team's dynamic. Based on the leading work style assessment DISC, Teaming measures the natural dominance (D), influence (I), steadiness (S), and contentiousness (C) of the group. Kick off the next quarter with a full profile of the team, and advice for how to navigate blindspots and use strengths to accelerate success. 

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Improve team health

Figure out what’s really going on with your team, and make purposeful, intentional changes to improve how you work together. Each team member will be prompted to answer survey questions based on the dimensions of healthy, high-performing teams. The results are anonymized and aggregated, and updated over time as you make continuous improvements to the way you work. 

Coach and develop talent

You want to see your teammates learn, grow, and achieve their goals.  Teaming gives you the context of the whole team so you can provide better 1:1 coaching. Help your team members become better teammates and achieve their career goals with Teaming one-on-ones.

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Inspire your team to greatness